Recently, I’ve found a calling to come back to blogging. Myriad of thoughts swim through my head and I need to write them down before I forget. Recently, I’ve been thinking more and more about who I am. When I am with family and my cousins, I become relaxed, and I am able to be myself. I speak my mind – humorous, easy going – without care of what others think about me. Yet, for the most part of my life, I am quiet, reserved, and in my opinion boring. I feel like this “side” of me consumes my interactions with people, my work, and ultimately my life. Obviously, this cannot happen and I hate this quality of mine, so I need to do something about this. How do I just let go? I’ve heard that you just do it, but it’s difficult. I guess nothing good is easy.

So I was thinking about who my role models are. Obviously I have those highly successful role models that help shape millions of other human beings, but the ones that I want to talk about now are of a much lesser fame. When looking back, I think the biggest role models I’ve had have been intelligent, easy going guys who just don’t care about what other people are thinking. they do what they want to do and ultimately seem happy. they care about their friends and they care about the state of the world, yet at the same time they seem detached enough that they like to have fun and poke fun at their friends and themselves. I want to be like them. The two that come to mind are Drew and Justin.

These guys just seem to know what they want and know where they have been. They may not know exactly where they are going but they know what they want to do in the future. hey have a firm sense of themselves and what it takes to live a full life. I too don’t really want to focus on living a happy life. one can live a very happy and safe life, but I want to live a full life. Pursuing every option, connection, choice and opportunity will provide a full life in which I have lived. I want to live – travel, observe, analyze everything to the fullest. it’ll be tough but its time to start